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Four (4) Basic Cleaning Factors

  1. MECHANICAL ACTION - or rubbing action in hand washing refers to the motion of the agitator, wash wheel or the inner cylinder/drum of a washing machine. With horizontal and front load washer, the forward and reversing rotation of the drum creates the lifting, dropping and pounding or beating of the laundry washload inside the drum. However for home type or top loading machines, water and washload are stirred or agitated by the "Agitator" (moving part inside the inner cylinder drum or basket) creating a circular forward and reverse "whirlpool" motion.
    The relationship between the washload and the drum space volume plays an important part in the mechanical action applied on the washload. Western/ European countries allocated a standard ten (10) Liters of drum space volume to accommodate the tumbling movement of a Kilogram of washload. A 1:10 Filling or Loading Ratio. Thus, a ten (10) Kilogram washload can be wash in a washer with a 100 Liter drum volume. This relationship is called the washer loading or filling ratio or true washing capacity. The higher the washer loading ratio, the more mechanical action, less washing time and detergents. Thus in tropical countries like the Philippines where so much dust/pollution are easily deposited in the perspiration soaked soiled laundry, a higher loading ratio is a plus to attain a better cleaning results.

  2. CHEMICALS - activities or reactions of various chemical products with respect to the water condition and types of dirt/fabrics to be handled. This is a very long sensitive topic to discuss. Improper applications of chemicals can damage fabrics or results in discoloration such as graying, yellowing, etc. We provide this in our hands on Basic Laundry Training (BLT) seminar.

  3. TIME - contact time with mechanical action, chemical solutions ( chemicals used, water and dirt) with respect to the chemical reactions and their useful life.

  4. TEMPERATURE - as required by chemicals used for optimum performance in relation to the types of dirt and fabrics.
    Proper balance of the above four (4) cleaning factors is a must for maximum economy and cleaning efficiency in your laundry operation. If you can balance this factors, you can now develop your own distinct WASH FORMULA/PROGRAM that can be translated to accounting to arrive at your cost to wash a kilogram of load.
    Always remember that no two laundries are alike. You cannot use the Wash Formula/Program of another laundry! Please do not use washing machines with one-touch and forget about it. Human intervention is a necessity in this field. The myth ?konting kuskos, ayos? is not true! Likewise, never accustom nor leave operating machines unattended even though they are fully-automatic and fail-safe!

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