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Why good quality machines are dumped?


The bitter pill to be swallowed to save mother earth.


Yes we can first rethink before reduce, reuse, recycle and suffer no obsolescence. Only those short of imagination can suffer from obsolescence...


Four (4) Basic Cleaning Factors

1. MECHANICAL ACTION - or rubbing action in hand washing refers to the motion of the agitator, wash wheel or the inner cylinder/drum of a washing machine. With horizontal and front load washer, the forward and reversing rotation of the drum creates the lifting, dropping and pounding or beating of the laundry washload inside the drum. However for home type or top loading machines, water and washload are stirred or agitated by the "Agitator" (moving part inside the inner cylinder drum or basket) creating a circular forward and reverse "whirlpool" motion..

What's the average cost per pound to wash hotel linens?

What is an average cost per pound for washing hotel linens and terry (including sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, bath mats or bath rugs), as well as food and beverage (including napkins, square table cloths, rags and aprons)? - Written by Rich Fitzmorris..

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