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What's the Average Cost Per Pound to Wash Hotel Linens?

Question: What is an average cost per pound for washing hotel linens and terry (including sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, bath mats or bath rugs), as well as food and beverage (including napkins, square table cloths, rags and aprons)? - Written by Rich Fitzmorris

Answer: An average cost for operations ranges from 30-35 cents per pound processed in hotel textiles. In the food service area, the cost can run from 50-70 cents per pound processed. The process equipment and the quality grade of the textiles make a difference. Hotel Textiles: The average life of a poly blend sheet is 200-600 turns. The average life of a bath towel is 40 to 50 turns a hand towel is 15 to 25 turns and a washcloth only lasts eight or 10 turns. Table linens are difficult to estimate because of the fabric type, quality, and processing. I have seen numbers from 25-100 turns. Kitchen clothing and rags generally last in the range of 10-25 turns. All turns are based upon good product quality, and good washing practices. - Desiree H. Young, VentureWalk Business Partners, LLC


In the Philippines, that's Php13.00 to Php15.00 per pound or Php28.00 to Php33.00 per kilo

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