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Why good quality machines are dumped?

Go Green and Zero Waste

The bitter pill to be swallowed to save mother earth.

Yes we can first rethink before reduce, reuse, recycle and suffer no obsolescence.

Take the case of a resort hotel in a remote and conducive place for tourists. Everyhing have been well planned and carefully thought of to pamper their guests. The best facilities, machineries and equipment available in the market.

Now using a small a fragment of imagination, how do we maintain them? Can we maintain and repair them by ourselves? Where and how do we get the replacement parts considering our geographic location? What if the models/parts become obsolete and be replaced as always? No problem! Our guests have already paid for them. They are fully depreciated. We can just replaced and throw them away. We belong to the throw away and replace society.

No wander we have tons and tons of waste!

Now this is very tricky as manufacturers cannot live with obsolescence proof design. They need to innovate, remodel and replace everything to live. But what about our mother earth? Are we willing to be buried with tons of waste? Where do we draw the line?


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